Auto Towing: 3 Key Steps To Take When Your Engine Overheats

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Auto Towing: 3 Key Steps To Take When Your Engine Overheats

26 October 2022
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Your vehicle could suddenly start producing bizarre smells and smoke when taking a long road trip away from home. Your overheating dashboard light could turn on accompanied by clicking noises that are hard to ignore. If you notice these signs, you probably have an overheating engine and need to contact a towing company for assistance. The following are key steps to take when your engine overheats.

1. Pull Over Safely 

Once you see smoke from the vehicle's hood, it is time to get off the road. Slowly pull over to the roadside while indicating a change of lanes to warn other drivers. If you are on the highway, you could try to reach an exit if you are not very far away. 

Ensure your vehicle is visible by putting the warning lights on. You could also erect your reflective warning triangles behind the vehicle to alert other road users. Driving with an overheating car engine could lead to a high risk of accidents. You might also damage the engine further, increasing your overall repair and replacement expenses. 

2. Let the Engine Cool 

After switching off your vehicle, resist the temptation to try DIY hacks. While the engine cools, you'll want to consult with your auto repair specialist. They will likely suggest calling an auto towing company to haul the car to the auto repair shop. 

The auto mechanic might recommend a towing company they have worked with for convenience. Contact them immediately and explain your situation. They will ask a few questions concerning the vehicle and its current state and location. This is to help them choose the right tow truck. In most cases where you have an overheating vehicle, the towing professionals may recommend flatbed services. 

3. Wait for Help 

As you wait for the towing services, avoid opening the car's hood or radiator cap. You could get severely injured trying to inspect the vehicle. Avoid accepting help from strangers even though they might have good intentions. Auto towing companies respond fast, so they will arrive at your current location within no time. It would be best to be patient and stay in your vehicle. Regardless of your hour of need, you can count on the towing experts to assist. They'll tow your vehicle to your preferred repair shop for repairs.

These are simple steps to take when your vehicle overheats in the middle of nowhere. Your best way to manage the situation smoothly is to hire a towing company. Stay calm and contact them immediately for a quick response.

For more information about towing, contact a local company.