3 Heavy-Duty Towing Mistakes

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3 Heavy-Duty Towing Mistakes

25 August 2022
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Heavy-duty towing can be used for towing large vehicles such as big rigs, bobtails, tippers, and garbage trucks. Also, you can use the towing method to transport bulky items such as furniture. A flatbed tow truck would be an ideal option for such a job. The entire load will be placed on the tow truck's rear flat surface. This advantage helps avoid damage to the load as it won't contact the ground, and if it's a car, you don't have to remove some of its parts.

While the towing professionals will do everything for you, it's beneficial to learn about the following towing mistakes that might happen.

Wrong Tire Pressure

The towing vehicle needs the correct tire pressure to function efficiently. Excessive tire pressure will impede tire contact with the road surface. As a result, the tow truck may not have steady traction to allow it to move properly on the road. The truck will be susceptible to an accident if the road becomes slippery due to heavy rains or other elements. 

Conversely, inflated tires will have too much contact with the road, leading to extreme friction. The friction will increase the temperature in the tires, which can cause a blowout or trigger a fire that can spread to the rest of the tow truck. Since heavy-duty vehicles transport hefty loads, the tire pressure has to be suitable to avoid the above problems.

Not Checking the Brakes and Over-Speeding

The towing vehicle's brakes can malfunction unexpectedly and cause an accident, damaging your car or expensive equipment. Even though the towing company will cover the damages in case of an accident, there's no need to incur such an unnecessary loss. Also, efficient brakes are important if there's an emergency and the tow truck needs to halt immediately.

Towing companies must inspect their brakes regularly to detect any faults early. The professionals have qualified mechanics who can do the necessary repairs in case there's a problem. Moreover, the driver should avoid over-speeding as they can lose control of the vehicle, leading to an accident. Heavy-duty tow trucks take longer to stop, so they are prone to accidents at high speeds.

Not Checking the Lights

The tow truck's check lights are essential as they allow other drivers to easily see the vehicle on the road. The check lights might malfunction, or the trailer might block them. Before the driver starts the journey, they need to ensure the tail lights are visible and working correctly. For more visibility on the road, the driver can attach a bright piece of clothing to the tow truck's windows and at the trailer's rear end. 

For more information, contact a local towing company.