How To Get Roadside Assistance and How They Can Help When Your Car Won't Start

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How To Get Roadside Assistance and How They Can Help When Your Car Won't Start

8 June 2021
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If you try to start your car after a long day at the office and your car won't start, the problem could be a dead battery. However, other things can cause the same problem, so you might need the help of a mechanic. The best way to locate a mechanic when you need one is to call a roadside assistance service. Here's a look at how to get roadside assistance and how they can help.

How Roadside Assistance Can Help Your Dead Car

When the mechanic arrives, they'll check your car and figure out the problem if possible. If the battery is dead, the mechanic might give it a jump to see if the car starts up. If the car is out of gas, the mechanic can put some gas in or provide a charge for an electric vehicle.

A roadside mechanic can often make minor repairs. For instance, if your dead battery won't start with jumping, the problem might be with corroded terminals that the mechanic can clean for a better connection. The roadside service might even sell you a new battery and install it.

When your car has more serious problems, such as an alternator that won't keep the battery charged, the mechanic might have to tow your car to a garage to be serviced.

How To Get Roadside Assistance

You don't have to belong to a club to get roadside assistance, but it's often less expensive and more convenient to belong to a club. Otherwise, you can look for an app that connects you with roadside mechanics that service nonmembers. They will probably give you a general quote for the work you might need to have done, such as towing or battery jumping so you know what to expect with costs before you agree to the assistance.

If you belong to a roadside assistance club, you pay a yearly fee and some basic services are included. You're limited to the number of times you can use the service for free in a year, and you'll have a limit on the number of miles you can have your car towed for free.

If you have a flat tire, dead battery, or you need a tow, you'll always know who to call when you belong to a roadside assistance club, and you'll know upfront what the charge will be or if you get the services for free.

Car trouble can happen to anyone at any time, so it's good to be prepared for a breakdown so you know what to do. Have your roadside assistance club's number in your phone or keep an app on your phone so you can get help as fast as possible.