Don't Keep Driving: 4 Situations That Require Immediate Towing Service

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Don't Keep Driving: 4 Situations That Require Immediate Towing Service

22 June 2020
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If you get a flat tire while you're driving, you know to pull over and get help. You also know to call for help after an accident. But, there are other times when you should call for help. Some of those times might not be as obvious. Unfortunately, that means you could end up driving your car under dangerous circumstances. Before you drive your car into dangerous territory, read the information provided below. If you encounter any of these situations while you're on the road, pull over, and call your towing service. 

Your Temperature Light Comes On

If you don't watch your car's temperature while you're driving, you need to. Temperature problems can spell disaster for your car. This is especially true during the summer. The hotter weather can affect the temperature of your car. That's because your cooling system needs to work harder to keep the engine cool. If your temperature light comes on while you're on the road, stop driving immediately. 

Your Engine Gets Loud

Loud noises coming from your car are always a cause for concern. You expect to hear a loud noise if your tire blows out while you're driving. But, you don't expect the loud noises under normal circumstances. Many people continue driving after they hear loud noises coming from their car. That's the worst thing they can do. If you hear loud noises, find a safe place to park your car. The loud noises could be coming from your engine. You'll need to get help as soon as possible. 

Your Car Is Smoking 

If you see white smoke from your tailpipe on cold mornings, it's usually condensation. That's normal for cold days. But, there are other times when smoke isn't normal. In fact, other than condensation, you should never see any type of smoke coming from your car. There are several reasons your car may emit smoke. Two of those are exhaust problems and engine fires. Overheating is another cause of smoke. If your car starts to smoke, pull off the road as soon as you can. 

Your Car's Not Handling Right

When you have your car long enough, you know how it maneuvers. Mechanical problems can affect the way your car handles. Some of those problems can involve the suspension or the steering system. If your car stops handling the way it should, don't keep driving. Move to the side of the road as soon as it's safe to do so. 

Don't take chances. If your car develops any of the problems described here, pull over and call a towing service in your area.