Need A Tow? Make Sure You Think It Through First

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Need A Tow? Make Sure You Think It Through First

19 January 2019
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Having a car stall and quit while on the road is scary, frustrating, and a big inconvenience. Regardless of where you are or where you are going, you are going to need towing services to get the vehicle to a safe place. While you may be able to push the vehicle off the road to avoid traffic, you are still going to have to get it home or to a shop. If you have some type of roadside protection plan that provides towing, there are some things you need to consider before the tow truck gets to you.

Where to Tow

If you or a friend is able to do the needed repair, towing the car home is a good option. However, if you are going to need to take the vehicle to a shop, make sure you know which one you are going to or you may end up having to pay for two separate tows. While waiting for the tow, contact a few mechanic shops to describe what is happening. You are not going to be able to take the car around and get different estimates, so be as thorough as possible with your description. 

Getting Where You Need to Be

Towing companies generally do not allow for you to go in the truck. If you are in your home town, you can easily call a friend to come and get you once the vehicle is towed. They will even be willing to wait for the truck and follow it to the shop if necessary. If you are not at home, you are going to need to find alternative transportation. Luckily, there are different types of drive services that will come to get you. The important thing will be to try and arrange for them to arrive at the same time or after the tow truck. Be sure to get the address of the shop the car will be going to so you can go there to make arrangements for the repair.

If you find yourself stuck at the side of the road because your car broke down, remain calm. Do all you can to get the vehicle as far off the road as possible and make sure you and any passengers are completely out of the way of all traffic. Call for a tow from a company such as Engel's Auto Service & Towing, and then call for your own transportation and wait. While it may be uncomfortable and inconvenient, getting upset or angry is not going to solve anything. the calmer you can remain, the more clearly you will be able to think and make the right decisions on what to do.