3 Tips For A Safe Solo Road Trip

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3 Tips For A Safe Solo Road Trip

22 January 2018
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Going on a road trip by yourself is thrilling and liberating, and gives you a chance to see sites you may never see otherwise. On a solo road trip, you get to be in charge of your itinerary and go wherever you like. Unfortunately, being on a road trip by yourself may also make you more vulnerable safety-wise. It's smart to take precautions and plan your road trip with safety in mind. Here are three tips for a safe and fun solo road trip:

Sign Up for Roadside Assistance

The best way to ensure your safety on the road is to sign up for a trustworthy roadside assistance service before you leave on your trip. This way, if your car breaks down, you get a flat tire, or you get into an accident, you will have the option to be towed to a mechanic, or have your tire replaced no matter where you are located. Some roadside assistance services now offer GPS tracking, which is very helpful if you need roadside help but aren't sure exactly where you are. The towing or repair tech will be able to find you via an app and come quickly to your aid.

Bring an Emergency Kit

When packing for your road trip, don't forget the emergency kit. You should put together a kit that includes anything you might need in an unexpected emergency, such as an extreme weather event that delays you getting to your hotel. Your emergency kit should include plenty of bottled water, some healthy, non-perishable snacks, a first aid kit, a flashlight or two, a warm blanket, and emergency flares. Chances are you will never need these items, especially once you are signed up for roadside assistance, but it is better to be safe than sorry,

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Another way to stay safe on the road is to use technology to your advantage. Share your phone location with a few loved ones so they can see your road trip progress and also locate you if anything goes awry. You can also download apps that show you where all the nearby gas stations are, so that you can plan your gas stops and never risk running out of gas on your trip.

Following these tips and keeping your own personal safety in mind during your trip will give you (and your loved ones back home) more peace of mind. Contact a company, like Valley  Express Auto Repair , for more help.