What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down Before an Interview

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What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down Before an Interview

7 April 2017
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Perhaps one of the worst times your car can break down is right before a big interview. Here are some steps to take to remedy this situation.

Make Sure You Are in a Safe Place

You might be flustered at the moment, but you don't want to do something that would jeopardize your safety just to get the issue taken care of more quickly. The first thing to do is make sure that you and your vehicle are safe. If you broke down in traffic, then you might want to call the police to help escort you to the side of the road. That might involve pushing your car in neutral if the car is not drivable. Putting the car on the shoulder will give you more space to deal with the issue without potentially getting hit by a car that's going too fast in traffic.

Call the Employer

You may still be able to save face with your interviewer. You probably will not be able to salvage the meeting time you started with, but you should ask about the possibility of rescheduling. You may be able to have your car dropped off at home or at an auto repair center by a towing company and then take a cab to meet your interviewer at a later time.

Rule Out Simple Fixes

If you can find a simple fix to get your car back on the road, that's the first troubleshooting priority. If you were low on gas, fuel delivery services are available to bring gasoline to your location so that you don't have to pay for towing. Or maybe all your car needs is a battery jump.

Call a Towing Company

In order to choose the right tow truck company, you will need to know a couple of things. For one, determine your cross streets so that the auto tow truck center can confirm that you're in their service area. Also choose a nearby auto repair center that has good reviews. The center should be able to do the types of repairs that you suspect; if you think you have an issue with your hybrid battery, for instance, you might need to double check with the auto repair facility to ensure that they have the know-how.

The towing company will give you an estimate that includes the price for initial hookup plus each additional mile. You may need to be present on the other end if you are delivering the car to an auto repair shop.

Hopefully, the final step is that your auto repair center uses a code reader to capture issues the car experienced and fix them. Although there is no simple fix for a missed interview due to a car breakdown, these steps will help you make the best of the situation.