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Preparing For Roadside Emergencies

Do you know what to do in the event of a flat tire or a severely damaged windshield? How will you handle issues with your car when you aren't close to your home or a nearby gas station? I want you to be ready for any roadside emergency, which is why I made the blog. In addition to going over the different things you need to keep in your car, you might also learn more about how to stay calm, keep your wits about you, and even joke about the situation. These tips can help you to take what would be an otherwise frustrating situation, and make it enjoyable.


Towing Equipment on Your Own? Here’s What to Do Before You Start Your Trip

24 July 2015
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Hauling your own equipment is a great way to save on shipping fees, but that doesn't mean it's an effortless task. Before you hit the road with your truck and trailer, you need to plan carefully in order to keep your trip safe and inexpensive. Here are a few steps you'll need to complete before you can get your cargo on the open road. Weigh Up as Soon as Possible Read More …

Be Prepared For A Breakdown: How To Minimize The Stress Of Having Your Car Towed After A Breakdown

21 July 2015
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Unexpected breakdowns are more than just an inconvenience; they can be stressful and time consuming, especially if you have to have your car towed. While no one can plan for a breakdown, you can plan ahead to minimize the stress associated with the situation. Here are some tips to help take the stress out of dealing with a breakdown that results in having to get your car towed. Keep safety in mind Read More …